Code of Conduct

In concert with our commitment to you, this code reflects the principles of the Mission, Vision, the Core Values of both ChainMeet and you, RealFriends:

  • During ChainMeets, you meet with an actual friend that you know well. Be sure you safely meet with a ValuedFriend with whom you already have an established friendship. This is not a network for meeting or making new friends, or meeting with someone you do not know. This is not a dating network. This is for adults 18 years of age and older.
  • ChainMeet is informal, conversational, real, and authentic, but strives to uphold high standards for honesty, integrity, and good judgment.
  • There is no gray area to be your best. You can be the best person you can be, doing your best, speaking your best, sharing your best. Be good and responsible stewards of the RealFriends we are and the personalities we have.
  • Accept and honor RealFriends – we are all from diverse backgrounds, with varied experiences.
  • Focus on building one another up with goodwill, solutions, and inspiration rather than focusing on complaints.
  • Be respectful, kind, positive, encouraging, uplifting, and motivational.
  • Enjoy the experience of RealConnection, having an impact on the world around us, feeling confident in ourselves as RealFriends, and thriving in linking friendship forward.
  • For your ChainMeet ChainReaction, NO profanity, cursing, blaming, complaining, criticizing, judging, slamming, exposing dirty laundry, harassment, or disputes of political/religious beliefs.

Thank you, RealFriends,
Sincerely yours,

Now, ChainUp and ChainOn!

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