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How to Sign Up on ChainMeet

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Nailing Your First ChainMeet: The Art of the Meet

4 Simple Steps to ChainMeet Mastery

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1. Meet

Send a ChainMeet invite to a Valued Friend (VF). Even the act of inviting your VF for some quality time will light up their day.

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2. Treat

Pick a spot—coffee shops, diners, bistros – the choice is yours! Treat them to their favorite munchies, and honor them with your undivided attention.

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3. Eat

Sweeten the treat by honoring and inspiring your friend with your focused attention, your listening, affirmation, validation, encouragement. The rule here is simple: They talk, you listen, then you talk; everyone walks away better for it.

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4. Repeat

REPEAT it all again – Keep inspiring forward! Invite another VF to a ChainMeet, and another…. That’s changing the world around you, simply one friend at a time!

Sample Invite

heather and melanie

Hey (Name of VF)!

You are invited to a ChainMeet at (My Favorite Coffee Shop) on (The date you want to meet up) at (The time you want to meet up). 

Will you accept? Please RSVP, and Thanx!

The Cherry On Top: Post Your ChainMeet!

How to Immortalize Your ChainMeet

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Bigger Picture - Why Post on ChainMeet?

Sharing your ChainMeet stories not only fuels your friendship but also fuels a community aiming for common goals of empowerment, inspiration, and self-actualization. When you inspire forward, you also inspire within, creating an unstoppable wave of positivity.

Posting your ChainMeet creates a place for your VF to remember and relive that moment again, to uplift and inspire again.

So what are you waiting for? Be a link in the ChainMeet Movement and start changing the world—one friend, one moment, one ChainMeet at a time!

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