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The Heartbeat Behind ChainMeet

ChainMeet: The Journey

The seedling idea of ChainMeet began to take root on January 1, 2017, but, like all great things, it’s been a journey of evolution. Fast-forward to September 2023, and we’ve transformed into a powerhouse of positivity. As you venture with us, you’ll discover how a simple idea has metamorphosed into a movement that advocates for Hope, Liberation, Transformation, and, above all, Real Friendship.

A Candid Tale from Sue Welch: The Compassionate Creator

"The more you inspire forward, the more you inspire within, so you can inspire forward again and again."

Sue Welch is a ChainMeet-certified Expert Student RealFriend, as she likes to say. Sue’s seasoned career in healthcare ranges from training new moms to teaching disaster medical operations in Arlington, TX. But her real passion lies in something profoundly simple—real, tangible human connection.

Sue knows the weight of self-doubt and how it can stifle one’s sense of belonging. After years of battling these emotions and spending a small fortune on self-help programs, she discovered the secret sauce: a simple act of friendship changed her life. Now, she’s determined to pay it forward with ChainMeet, a platform that embodies the epitome of Positive Vibes Only.

sue the owner of chainmeet the organization
Fun Facts:
Sue has been married to her best friend Tom for over 40 years and has two sons. She’s a doting GMa, and when she's not fostering connections, she loves reading biographies, solving Expert Sudoku puzzles, and walking to appease her marathoner's knees.

In the ChainMeet universe, where authenticity reigns supreme, Sue wears her foodie heart on her sleeve. Ask her about her go-to food group, and she’ll chuckle as she declares her allegiance to chocolate. Yet, burgers and pizza are never far behind, locked in a delicious tie for her affections. Sue loves being a Texan, but she is rooted in Maryland origins, Sue still harbors a nostalgic craving for the Chesapeake Bay’s succulent crabs—a taste of home that lingers, much like the ripple effects of a good ChainMeet.

The Story That Started It All

Has a moment like this ever struck you?

Imagine this: I was muddling through a day that was utterly nondescript, just a routine blur of activities. Then, out of nowhere, my friend Gina called me. Suddenly, my feet felt as if they were walking on air, and a newfound sense of joy filled me. What sparked this unexpected transformation?

Gina had invited me out, saying, “Hey, can I treat you to breakfast tomorrow? Just the two of us.” And instantly, my day looked a little brighter.

The next day, I walked into the coffee shop, and Gina was already there, beaming. The hug she gave me when I arrived made my day even better. True to her word, she treated me to breakfast. But it didn’t end there!

She made me feel like I was the only person that mattered. It was just the two of us, and she gave me her undivided attention; her phone remained untouched. As she listened to my stories, my projects, and even my insecurities, I felt heard and validated. Her encouragement fueled me with the confidence and drive to tackle my challenges head-on.

What a difference it made to know someone believed in me!

We all have our moments of doubt, wondering what we could possibly bring to the table. But then it hit me—I could offer the same kindness Gina extended to me.

So, I paid it forward: I invited another friend for lunch and gave her the same focused attention and encouragement Gina gave me. Seeing the impact I made on her was not only rewarding but also boosted my own confidence.

That experience fueled the creation of ChainMeet. My mission is to empower you to be intentional in your friendships (being Friendtentional), to create a ripple effect of positivity, not just in your social circle but in your own life too. When you inspire others, you also inspire yourself—setting in motion an endless cycle of uplifting energy. Even years later, the memory of the warmth and acceptance from that one simple act has stayed with me to uplift my days.

Why not start today? Raise a glass, a burger, or a cup of coffee to meaningful friendships. Let’s make the world a better place, one friend at a time. Cheers!

Affiliations for Authenticity

We're proud members of the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce and Arlington Highlands Rotary Club. When you join ChainMeet, you're stepping into a network that values community involvement.

What Sets Us Apart?

You're not just a username or a profile picture here. You're a person with hopes, dreams, fears, and the power to make a difference. ChainMeet is a sanctuary from the negativity commonly found on social media. We take a stand for positivity, devoid of thumbs down, criticism, or bullying. Our purpose is singular—lift up, inspire, and affirm.

Where Friendship Flourishes

If you think ChainMeet is another platform to meet new people, think again! Our focus is laser-sharp: ChainMeet is your go-to digital haven for celebrating and amplifying your existing friendships. It's where you share those special moments of connection with a friend you already have, not a platform for swiping right on potential new buddies.

Consider it your digital scrapbook for memorializing one-on-one meetups, called ChainMeets: laughter-filled coffee dates, celebratory cheers over a favorite drink, or soulful conversations under the stars. Here, we take the "media" out of social media and put the "friend" back into friendship. Because when it comes to making an extraordinary positive impact, it's not about how many friends you have—it's about how deeply you connect with the friends you've got.

ChainMeet Credo

Vision Statement
To spark a ChainMeet Movement that cascades positive affirmation from friend to friend, enriching everyone’s sense of value and self-worth.
Mission Statement
We are committed to equipping and empowering you to be your authentic self to make an extraordinary impact. We champion the Proverb 27:17 ethos, "As iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another."
Our Philosophy:
Self-love is commendable, but why stop there? At ChainMeet, we believe in others-love as the most rewarding pathway to genuine self-love. It's a continuous circle where your love for others fills you and, in turn, spills back into the world.

Our 5 Core Values

We believe...

Your Unique Light

We get it. You’re thinking, “What do I have to offer?” or “How can I make a simple yet significant difference?” ChainMeet is tailored to help you conquer these concerns by bringing your unique light into the world.

One person, one action, one word—these are the essential building blocks of meaningful change. The “little” things you offer could significantly impact someone else’s life. Your kindness might be the sunshine someone needs on a gloomy day. Your attentive listening could be the outlet for someone who feels voiceless. Your simple act of friendship might just be the boost of confidence someone desperately needs.

The moment you decide to step into your light as a ChainMeeter, you trigger a ripple effect that extends far beyond what you can see. When you uplift someone, you don’t just make their day better—you empower them to lift others, thereby perpetuating a chain of positivity. In the ChainMeet world, we call this the “Linking Friendship Forward” effect. Your single act can indeed spark a chain reaction of good that reverberates through your community and, potentially, the world.

two male friends eating pasta from a food truck

There you have it. ChainMeet is not just another social media platform; it’s a movement, a community, and a catalyst for positive change. Join us in linking friendship forward.


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