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Welcome to the ChainMeet Resources Hub, your one-stop destination for enriching your understanding of friend-building, boosting self-love, and making a lasting impact. Here, you can explore our unique ChainMeet Chatter lingo, read thought-provoking blog articles, and get practical insights from Sue’s book ChainMeet to Inspire Forward: Simple Steps to Boost Your Self-Confidence, Elevate Friendships, and Make a Positive Impact in the World. All the tools you need to enhance your ChainMeet experience are right here. Make yourself at home and explore at your own pace.

ChainMeet Chatter: Decoding Our Lingo

Being intentional in friendship; purposefully taking actions that enrich and sustain your relationships with friends.
The inspiration and motivation that comes from positive, uplifting friendships. A hybrid of ‘friendship’ and ‘inspiration,’ this term signifies how friends can inspire each other to be better people.
RFs (RealFriends):
Individuals who provide emotional support, are trustworthy, and engage in a meaningful, two-way relationship. These are friends who show up in times of need and celebrate your successes.
VFs (ValuedFriends):
Friends who bring significant value to your life through consistent positive interactions, emotional support, and shared experiences.


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Personal stories, insightful tips, and a treasure trove of wisdom. These aren’t your average blog posts. Sue shares her experiences and know-how to help you make the most of your ChainMeet journey. Elevate your friendships and boost your self-confidence one post at a time.


Equip yourself to become the RealFriend you’ve always aspired to be, one filled with energy, passion, and influence. This book offers a simple, fulfilling strategy to boost your self-confidence and elevate your friendships.

Rock Friends

Our RockFriends in Chapter 10 of the paperback also want you to know they grew up and became colorful! Whether it’s to say thanks, offer support, or just to let a RealFriend know you’re thinking of them, these cards make it easy and meaningful.
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