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I Am a Somebody

I read somewhere, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.”  

Has anyone ever made you feel like you are somebody?

How did they do that?

I remember vividly the day Gina treated me to breakfast. She started by asking me questions on how my work was going. It was like she really wanted to know; she came across very genuine. She seemed to “get” what I was doing, and encouraged me to continue on, not to give up.

What also made a difference was her focus and eye-contact. She really focused on me and looked at me. It was like I was the only other person in the room besides herself. It was like I was a somebody!

Have you ever been invited out and treated to coffee or lunch (or something else) by a friend that you really like and respect, just the two of you? If so, how did that invitation make you feel?

During any time that you spent with a friend, just the two of you, over coffee or a beer (or anything else), did your friend focus on you with their full attention, listen to you, encourage you? If so, how did that consideration make you feel?

Has any time spent with a friend, as in the previous question, just the two of you, ever make a difference in your life with future plans, attitudes, energy, motivation, decisions, etcetera? If so, what changed?

Is there anything else someone did to make you feel like a somebody?

Care to share your experience? Your ideas?

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