Pretty senior friends with charming toothy smiles embracing each other and remembering funny moments from their past while sitting at cozy small patio

Gifting Friendship

In the world of ChainMeet, the act of gifting a friend to something as simple as a cup of coffee is far from insignificant. It’s a profound gesture that signifies care and connection, igniting a Chain reaction of positive impact.  When a friend extends the gesture of treating you, it’s a testament to the bond

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two friends talking to another friend on a computer sitting outside

In-Person vs Virtual

Sometimes, it can be hard to get our friends to spend time with us in person. Technology is awesome, we can easily and conveniently connect with our friends online through a wide variety of platforms. In recent years, chat rooms that allow users to create avatars have become increasingly popular. They can be fun depending

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a set a friends leaning their heads against each other

I Am a Somebody

I read somewhere, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.”   Has anyone ever made you feel like you are somebody? How did they do that? I remember vividly the day Gina treated me to breakfast. She started by asking me questions on how my work was going. It was like she really wanted to

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