Side view of two male friends eating delicious pizza with help of knife and fork. They also have glasses of tasty beer on wooden table. Interior of modern pizzeria or cafe.

The Fellowship of Eating

The third ChainMeet step, “Eat,” isn’t just about satisfying your hunger. It’s the secret sauce of bringing people together, fostering RealConnection; and boy, does it make a world of difference! It’s the cozy coffee shop chats, the hearty meals, or just the simple act of sharing a snack with a friend. Food or drink makes the ultimate icebreaker, a common ground where laughter and life are shared.

You see, when you dine with someone, there’s an unspoken understanding that this moment of fellowship is special. 

Cheryl Chong said, “friends who eat together stay together,” and that’s no exaggeration. These events remind us that RealFriendship is about sharing, connecting, and cherishing every bite or sip of life together. It’s the longing for these moments of inspiration that makes you realize the beauty of the “Eat” step in ChainMeet. 

Cheers to you, RFs and VFs!

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